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Tuesday, Feb. 6, 1940

Confined w Buenconsejo. Pd. for auto in full.

Met today again on substitution of ROTC and HS cadets. Garcia tries to object to every little detail. He loses all the time as he has no real fundamental ground for objections. He objects to number of trainees to be trained during 1st period.

I am directed to prepare letter to the Pres. showing the manner in which economy shall be effected.

Sutherland tells us about the Pres. order re keeping secret the economy plan. He said that MacA was called to Malacanang in two hours after publication of news re national defense curtailment budget. I foresee that Pres. fears that this curtailment if known abroad may be a boomerang to independence program.

Lim tells me to prepare a letter to Pres. defending the NDA amendment re place of W.P. and Annapolis graduates in the seniority list.

Lim tells Gen. Staff re action of certain women in connection with armory inside bastion women objecting.

Lt Papa calls me up to tell me that I could ride Rompe in polo game but to keep the matter on the quiet. Papa told me Gen V has told him to tell me of this permission.

Played polo and was thrown off result of collision w Peter Perkins. Played wi high goalers.