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December 10, 1941

I heard over the radio the stirring “Day of Infamy” speech of Pres. Roosevelt before the US Congress that ultimately declared war against Japan, Germany and Italy.  It was a forceful speech that unified America with that sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. The isolationist disappeared. Filipinos have high morale. Pres. Quezon pledge support and loyalty to the cause of freedom and democracy.  We have great confidence in our military leadership led by Gen. MacArthur.

The results of the bombings two days ago of Clark and Iba Air Fields were also devastating that virtually destroyed all our planes there. The remaining planes of Far East Air Command are transferring to Mindanao.  The big ships led by USS Houston, Marblehead and Boise of the Asiatic Fleet under Admiral Hart steamed south to avoid enemy air power.  What remained among the surface fighting ships are the nine torpedo boats (3 Q-Boats and 6 PT-Boats).

Today, the first enemy landings are reported in Northern Luzon at Cagayan and Ilocos Sur.  Before noon, enemy planes bombed Nichols, Nielsen and Zambales Airfields, Camp Murphy, Port Area and Cavite Navy Yard.  Luckily, our OSP facilities were missed but I personally witnessed the bombings at Cavite Navy Yard from Q-112 in Manila Bay.  Twenty seven Japanese bombers flying at high altitudes beyond the range of our AA guns dropped their bombs with great accuracy at Cavite.  I felt so helpless watching as there were no USAFFE planes to challenge them.  This is a bad day for us.  The enemy have air superiority.  I hope the Northern Luzon Forces under Gen. Wainwright can handle the enemy landings reported.