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11 December 1941

(Alongside Pier 1 Manila)

0020 Air raid sirens sounded (False alarm).

1047 CANOPUS shifted berth to south side of Pier 3. Camouflaged topside with red and black paint to blend in with dock buildings. Started removing submarine spares, torpedoes and warheads to dock on lighters for transfer to Corregidor in accordance with orders of Comsubs AF.

1225 Air raid sirens sounded (false alarm). P.M. Comsubs AF established offices in Navy Enlisted Men’s Club ashore, also quarters for spare personnel. Transferred four CANOPUS officers to Comsubs AF staff. SEADRAGON came alongside for emergency repairs, also fuel, torpedoes, warheads, ammunition and stores. Received verbal orders from CinC AF not to fire on planes during future attacks unless they came in at low altitude and were obviously attacking ship or immediate vicinity.