December 13, 1941

Nichols and Murphy Field had been bombed again!

All hospital personnel had been instructed to sleep fully clothed.

During the night I was repeatedly awakened by heavy bombings, anti-aircraft, and machine-gun and rifle firing.

Sixty Japanese bombers dropped their bombs over the city shortly after our patients had completed lunch. More wounded and dying!

After a long and exhausting day at the hospital, it was good to come home to a well-cooked meal and an orderly apartment. How fortunate I was to have Adoracion, as many servants had already left for the provinces. Selfishly, I was beginning to think that her pregnancy, a major disaster a week ago, since she was single and only eighteen, had proved to be a blessing in disguise. Because she was a loyal girl and so young, I promised to take care of her.
When I asked her to stay in the apartment at night, she was happy about it.

“This building is safer, mum, than my nipa shack!” she explained.

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