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Saturday, December 13, 1941

Nothing of importance up to noon. John returned to Manila after breakfast, not feeling too well, and at 10:45 Oscar came over from the factory saying that he had called the Manila office and they told him that Mr. Ivory head just left for Lusacan. A note from him yesterday said that he and Carl would come up together if they could arrange it. However, still no word from Carl. I will have to scold him, and tell him that he must keep us informed for we are so uneasy about him and others who are left in the city.

Carl and George arrived about three-thirty. And how glad we were to see them!! They came with the car loaded with supplies. They were tired, and the strain of the war was showing on Carl, he was so nervous — though he did not realize it. They left Manila during a raid, and said they thought that McKinley got the worst of that one. They had a pass issued by Gen. MacArthur so that they could get through and return without the car being confiscated, but said that on return to Manila he would let them have it if it would in any way help them. I just hate so to see our nice Lincoln Zephyr go, but I must think only of the country. Business is at nil, and Carl says that he will give half of the day to it and the rest of the day he will give to the Army or Navy as a civilian employee. Carl says that if our lines can hold out ten days longer, by that time help will have arrived and from then on he thinks the pinch will be over. Our lines are holding, with consolidation and cooperation between American and Filipino troops. This country is right behind America in every step she takes except, of course, for a very few fifth columnists and they are being rounded up as fast as possible. The laws are strict, and the fifth columnists have not much chance when caught. The Germans, Italians and Japs have been interned. Orders are to shoot to kill violators of regulations in regards to lights, flares, etc. But in the face of that there have been violations and Carl said that he saw a flare go up from Military Plaza!! Hope they caught that one. The news tonight: Singapore holding, Hong Kong holding, the Philippines holding, Russia making gains, and gains being made in Libya also.