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December 13, 1941

There are continuous bombings and burnings of military camps around Manila. The capital has not yet been touched. A bomb was dropped between Letran and the Post Office but did not explode. It was immediately removed by some American soldiers.

Evacuees are returning to the city in disgust and disappointment. Scarcity reigns in the provinces. The government has obviously not provided for a resettlement program.

The press announced a Japanese landing between San Fabian and Damortis, in La Union. Some 4,000 were annihilated near Lingayen. Apparently, it was merely exploratory. The following day, some 70 planes fiercely attacked the coastal fortification, and more than 50 trucks mounted with artillery guns were destroyed. The Japanese then landed as if they were in Yokohoma.

Thus we have the enemy north and south of Luzon. There are confirmed reports that they have also landed in Vigan and Aparri.

Meanwhile, Roosevelt continues to promise reinforcements.