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January 16, 1942

This afternoon, while resting in our camp, we heard the roar of what sounded like tanks. Coming out of our shade, we saw Alfred driving a contraption which we later learned was a Bren Gun Carrier (BGC). It is a heavily armored car, shaped like a tank minus its turret. It is armed with two machine guns, requires a crew of five and has for its end purpose, the carrying of ammunition to the front lines. It was built by the Ford Canada Factory for the British Army in the deserts of Africa. Four of these BGCs had been assigned to the Anti-Tank Battalion. Major Cepeda asked for volunteers to form the new Tank Company under the command of Lt. Lara, our former commandant. For the thrill and the novelty of the thing and to be back once more under the command of our Commandant, all the intelligence scouts volunteered to the new company. The company was made up of 27 officers and men. Lt. Del Prado was assigned second in command. We had the time of our life learning to drive the contraption. Our site was made the Command Post of the new company. Our original gang was happy to be back together. Experienced, we now had more teamwork.