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January 16, 1942

The Japs paid us a little visit again today and dropped a few bombs. However the damage was negligible. They lost several planes from the flight because of our AA artillery fire, so I think we came out very much ahead of the game. They flew around for quite awhile before they definitely headed in for the attack, and it appeared very much as though they were working up courage to come within range of our artillery. I don’t blame them if they felt that way when they have little better than a 50–50 chance to get away with a whole skin. The Japs appear to be working more to the west now—away from the coast, for they are pushing against the 41st and 51st Divisions [Philippine Army] today. The 57th Infantry is having an easier time now. The Jap tactics are very peculiar, and are probably based on an understanding of the psychology of the Filipino. They work through the front line, and from positions in rear they fire their rifles, and possibly firecrackers—the idea being to make as much noise as possible. Then follows a short period of complete silence, and a ghostly voice announces that it is an assuong [aswang] and you are all to die. Unfortunately, many Filipinos are firm believers in ghosts. I still have the cold, but it is getting better every day.