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February 4, 1942

Provost Marshall’s Office



Will sleep with men here tonight. Tomorrow we will leave for Maragondon, Cavite. From there we shall take the mountain trails up to Ternate or Naic and then get any bus or carromata that can bring us to Manila.

Men are all excited. Two of them are now having a haircut. Had a shave and a haircut too. One of the boys is memorizing the code.

Was looking for Col. Roxas but he is now in Bataan inspecting lines. Saw Major Romulo this afternoon and he gave me more canned tuna fishes and cigarettes.

Had a short chat about old days in Manila with Bob Huffcut of the High Commissioner’s staff. Bob has been at home several times.

Japs have started shelling Rock from Cavite. This shack is badly damaged. There is a big hole in the roof due to shelling. Many laborers killed.

Men in Rock are in good spirits. High morale here. There is a strong rumor that the convoy is arriving in a few weeks. Also rumors that troops from Visayas will be landed in Corregidor and Cavite will be attacked.

Spent part of the afternoon reading I. Cobb’s book. Lots of humor. That’s what we need these days: humor. A lot of things have to be laughed off.

Part of rail line leading to Malinta Tunnel has been destroyed by bombs. It looks like a twisted rope made out of iron.

Will give final instructions to men tonight. I already told them that anybody who thinks he does not want to take unnecessary chances need not come. Everybody raring to do his bit.

Nice moon. I wish I could write poetry.