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4 Feb. ’42

A quiet night. Spent a while on the roof where we go each evening for observation but all was dark in the neighboring environment. Azume and Lt. Comdr Hatakeyma spent an hour with us discussing the venereal problem in Cavite. I referred them to Dr. Sanchez, the Cavite Health Officer. They report Canacao hospital undamaged and grounds about ten percent damaged. Asked us to reduce staff after they remove our patients to save food here which is Navy’s, and they want the Army to feed part of us. I urged the staff be left intact. They said they were studying the question. Hope they leave us alone. Always something to worry about. It may not be serious as explained our food economy. News would help as conjectures lead one astray. Maybe February will produce some answers. If American forces should enter this city this hospital would be a godsend to them and accordingly I am very anxious not to lose any of my staff or any more beds, that we might be ready. Am reading magazines three years old, finished the “Mysterious Rider” by Zane Grey. Will start “Disputed Passage” tomorrow. The Sisters are planting lettuce.