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February 8, 1942



Contacted Bataan HQ and reported arrival destination this evening. Everything progressing satisfactorily. Had a hard trip: climbing, walking, walking.

Will go around tomorrow and observe city after work. Met officer in charge of Manila transmitters. He says Jap raided one of our radio sets two hours after sending messages day before yesterday. “We have to keep on moving,” he said. He recalled that a week ago he placed radio transmitter in a rice sack and passed a Jap sentry. He stated that when the sentry started pinching the rice sacks his heart leapt to his mouth. “Fortunately,” he said, “the sentry was careless.” The trigger-men were ready in another carromata following him just in case sentry discovered sending-set, he said.

Will go to Malate Church tomorrow and meet No. 105 at appointed time.

I am afraid a friend of mine, Rey Hipolito, recognized me, despite dark goggles and broad hat. He shouted “Philip!” but I pretended that I did not notice him. Maybe he is doubting if I was myself. I hope so.

I think I’ve forgotten my pass-word.




Evening. It is warm. Had good shower bath. Great relief. Had darn good meal: eggs, ham, chicken with salad and pie. Just found out 105 is a nice-looking girl, woo, woo.

Will someday write about this experience: the long hike, trails, suspense, sleeping in the open, the Sakdals, feelings on seeing Manila, espionage work, etc….