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Feb. 7th, 1942

Francis and I were to go to Hosps 1 & 2 Left KM 200 shortly before 2:00 P.M. with dive bombers overhead. At 2:02 P.M. with the 2 of us plus the driver of my command car frozen to the ground 2 bombs bracketed the car, distance between craters not more than 40 feet. 1 dropped in front and 1 in back of car. Front of car dented in. We were covered from head to foot with dirt and debris. We were unable to leave until 3:15 P.M. bombs kept falling but no more close shaves. Went to Hosp 1 where we took a bath and had supper, then went to HPD and then on to Hosp # 2 got back to camp at KM 200 about 2:00 A.M. will never forget that experience.