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February 11, 1942



The parish priest agrees to use of their convent. Admirable spirit of cooperation.

No. 201 is an old man. He has been all over the world: Russia, China, Japan, America, almost all countries of Europe and all over Africa. Very interesting fellow. He speaks Japanese, Russian, Spanish, English, little Chinese. He has even stayed in New Zealand and Iceland.

Loveliest place for him in the world is Peking. Next, he says, is a place in Africa which I don’t remember now. Third, London. He dislikes America. Likes South America. Likes Baguio, very much.

According to 201, Mrs. Quezon’s farm in Arayat has been completely looted by communists. He said communists entered farmhouse, started drinking, playing piano and finally wore clothes of the President.

I have a slight cold. Was drenched by rain yesterday. Car stalled on way.

Will entrust this diary to 201, when I return to Bataan HQ. He is very paternal. He said: “I am a young kid.” Makes me feel like a child. I am already 21 yrs.

All funds in group 23 exact. Gen’s suspicions unfounded. Several hundred pesos in group 16 unaccounted for!

No. 16’s brother succeeded in climbing old KZRM building, through fire escape, and got Philippine National Anthem for Voice of Freedom. Corregidor had only U.S. anthem.

Price of matches going up. No. 16 said “Price of girls also going up. Even old ones are again in circulation.”