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February 12, 1942

The impregnable fortress of Singapore, bastion of British imperialism in the Orient, has fallen. According to Domei, the flag of the Rising Sun was hoisted over Singapore at eight o’clock yesterday morning. This is a turning point in the history of mankind. Singapore is not merely a naval base. It is a symbol of the White Man’s superiority. It is the thickest chain around the neck of Asia. Singapore may in the future be recaptured by the British. One can never tell how the war will end. But even if the British reconquer it, even if they make it ten times more formidable, the myth of the White Man’s superiority, the aura of his invincibility, has forever been crushed. He may rise from the staggering blow, but he shall not have the same dignity before Oriental eyes. One thing this war has done has been to awaken the one billion peoples of Asia. The fire and iron and steel that have been dropped on their homes have entered their hearts and they have become strong.

Ask Pedro Sabido for hemp bags. Sacks are a big problem. He ought to be able to give suggestions.

Rice situation in the city is quite satisfactory, thank God. So far prices have been maintained at a level within the reach of the average man.

It seems that the sale and distribution of sugar and wheat flour will be undertaken shortly by a government-sponsored distribution agency with the approval of the Military Administration. Under a controlled distribution system, the movement of these commodities can be done properly and in conformity with the price-fixing measure. Similarly, with the other prime necessities. These commodities will be sold to the public without the intervention of unnecessary middlemen. It is expected that an announcement will be made shortly on the plan to sell sugar and wheat flour to the public at reasonable prices.

My Japanese neighbors are dancing and drinking. They are celebrating the fall of Singapore. I can hear one of the hostesses singing: “My Melancholy Baby.”

Gave some pocket money to the wife of an American friend. She was very thin because of lack of sleep and food. She did not know how to thank me. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Tears are more eloquent than words.