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Sunday, February 22, 1942

Went to General Marshall’s for Sunday dinner in honor of General Chu and Dr. T. V. Soong – both Chinese. Longest I’ve been out of the office in daytime since coming here ten weeks ago today.

ASDA area is disintegrating! We have concocted a message to MacArthur directing him to start south to take command of Australian area, etc. I’ve always been fearful of this plan. I think he’s doing a better job in Bataan
than he will anywhere else. (Draft of message went to F.D.R.)

We’ve dilly-dallied along about Burma, India, and China. Now, with Singapore gone, the N.E.I. practically gone, and the Japs free to move as they please, we’re getting scared. Again, I think, too late! Circumstances are going to pull us too strongly to the Australian area. We’ve got to keep Russia in the war – and hold Indiai!! Then we can get ready to crack Germany through England!