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February 23, 1942


Every headline in the Nishi-Nishi was meant to terrorize and demoralize.

I finally persuaded Catesy to shave off his beard, which he had planned to keep for the duration. Though the beard made him appear more handsome, it had a depressing effect on me. But Catesy was proud of his beard, and he was most reluctant to shave it off.

Finally, in protest, I wore my baggiest and most faded slacks, and I wore my hair in a homely Sis Hopkins style. For three days I looked sloppy and “Tobacco Roadish,” but that was all I needed. The next day the beard was off! To show my appreciation for his sacrifice, I put on a dress, lipstick, and arranged my hair becomingly. After having worn slacks, I felt indecently exposed, but the interested look my man gave me more than rewarded me for the trouble I had gone to.

The men with beards looked unkempt and fierce. While the women kept themselves neat and clean, some of the men became careless about their appearance. The American beauty operator from the Army and Navy Club set up a shop, and those with money were getting manicures and finger waves. However, there were few women who could afford this kind of extravagance often.