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April 9, 1942

Have been near phone all nite & last we hear the nurses have not passed hospital no 1. They were held up by the demolition of our ammunition dumps. The phone finally went dead at 5:00 a.m. While sitting up in Hqrs during the nite a terrific earthquake came on & was almost impossible to keep from being thrown to the floor. Things really danced around. We affected the Japanese all nite. There has been both artillery & small arm fire on the ridge back of us & south of us. Some bullets came thru Hq tent while I was signing non combatant cards. My signature is therefore somewhat shaky. We have really been in the center of this. We have our red crosses & white flags up.

The last A.A. crew finally gave up about noon. The quiet is almost noisy. Our boys got back & said the last of the nurses got off to Corregidor about 6:00 a.m. No sign of McDavitt however so he must have gave on to Corregidor. About 5:00 p.m. a Japanese officer & some soldiers with an interpreter came into the hospital & asked about the water. They were camped near Cabcaben. They left after a bit. They came & got Frank Lunnie & took him to their camp & gave him the once over & after an hour or so brought him back. He was not particularly happy about the experience. During the evening a large no. of Japanese soldiers came in to the hospital & had quite a conference. They were very —— & accused us of having a radio sending set & telegraph but of course we had none & had a hard time making them believe it. They stayed the nite at Hq collected all the radios & many other things. The only thing I lost was a flashlight out of the deal. They instructed us not to bathe in the river or would shoot us.