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Mar. 15 — April 9, 1942

On March 15, 1942, three Japanese dive-bombers attacked Marveilles [Mariveles] Field. They flew right over our positions, and one of the men on a 3 0 cal- gun, shot one down. The other two came back and raised hell, bombing and strafeing.

The plane that was shot dow landed in the harbor, and a launch from Corregidor picked up the pilot. later the plane was sank by the artillery.

Shortly after that a Japanese sea-plane came around to look for the downed plane, but one of our guns on the southern most tip, shot him down too. After that the planes stayed further away from the shore.

We went on two meals a day. One in the morning, one in the evening. After going from my gun position to the kitchen, and eating, then going back again, I was hungrier then when I left, chow was that short. Watery rice, and a bit of gray [gravy].

Life was much the same, day after days Sometimes we’d swim, but most of the time we just layed around.

Corregidor, Drum, and Hughes Forts, were catching hell every day by bombings and shelling from Cavite, and all along the shores opposite us, across the harbor.