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25 May 1942

BONTOC. Upon getting up in the morning, Colonel HORAN made the bed(s). A native came in with two eggs and two pancakes made by the natives from rice flour, for colonel HORAN. This morning, went and borrowed some books from the church library. They were neatly arranged yesterday, when I met tho bishop here. Today, they were scattered all over because soldiers were billeted here. Everything turns out like this in war.

HORAN said that he thought that positive action would probably be forthcoming within two years. He said that they were constructing 5000 transports, five-men crew submarines and many airplanes, and would carry out the destruction of JAPAN’s line of communications. He still believes in AMERICAN victory when the real war starts in October next year. He said they had not been able to prepare for war in the PHILIPPINES. He said that the war had ended in the PHILIPPINES, but the war area had moved elsewhere. However, he said that ROOSEVELT and Secretary of State HULL were the persons responsible for the war, and that the AMERICAN pcople did not want war. He said these two men must bear the entire responsibility of the war. However, he added that since JAPAN fired the first shot of the war, all the AMERICAN people must fight back.

The natives who brought the food this morning came again this evening with eggs and cakes and gave them to HORAN.