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May 25, 1942

With a lot of flourish, the newspapers announced the reopening of schools on the 1st of June. The University of Santo Tomas had to revise its curriculum. Repairs and renovations are being made on the old buildings, in case the prisoners will not vacate the new ones, which it seems they will not.

We also sought permission to open classes at Letran. Aside from noble reasons, we want the school to function lest the military occupy the buildings. In fact, they have been looking around, examining them for such purposes.

While I was in the refreshing heights of Baguio, the temperature in Manila was scorching, having reached 39.6, a record in fifty years. It’s fortunately subsiding these days, with the clouds shielding the earth from the heat of the sun.

I saw thousands of American soldiers being transported to the old Bilibid prisons. According to the Press, they had been landed at the piers. It was however strange that they were coming from Taft Avenue. People along the sidewalks threw cigarettes and fruits at the Americans, to the indignance of the Japanese soldiers who filled the streets with their convoys of artillery guns.