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June 10,1942

This is my 62nd day as POW in Malolos Camp.  Today, for the second time since last month, Judge Roldan shared with me for a few minutes, contents of a secret one page underground news tabloid “Free Philippines” with short wave radio foreign news summary.  The first one he shared with me in the confines of his quarters last month was about what I considered a fantasy story I did not believe.  It tells about the alleged bombing of Tokyo by a group of bombers led by a certain Gen. James Doolittle that came from Shangrila, according to Pres. Roosevelt.  I thought that was a cruel story as the enemy have superiority of the air and sea at Western Pacific area where there is no Shangrila.  I thought its purpose was to boost the very low morale of the US public after our Bataan humiliation.

This time, the news from the Judge seems believeable.  It mentions about a supposedly great air and sea battle in the Midway Island area between US and Japanese naval forces that started June 3 and lasted four continuous days and nights resulting finally in the withdrawal from engagements of the Japanese Naval Forces after three of their Aircraft Carriers were sunk, three battleships badly damaged and a dozen others damaged.  The US admitted the loss of one Carrier USS Yorktown, and destroyer USS  Hammon.  If this news is even half true, it will be very bad ultimately for Japan whose ability to replace their losses is very inferior compared to the industrial capabilities of USA.