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June 10, 1942

This morning I received a letter from Josephine Porras (by messenger). They have returned to the city (Iloilo) and are all right. Margarita Lopez and Suzie Gurrea are also back in the city. Ricardo (Suzie’s husband) was caught in the city when the Japanese landed, and is still operating his ice plant. Josephine told me that all the houses on Valeria St. have been burned to ashes with the exception of ours. Can you imagine – it is the only house left on the street! I believe you remember those houses behind our back yard – well, they too, were reduced to ashes. Really, it seems more like a miracle that ours should be left standing. Over half of Iloilo city has been burned. She also said in her letter that the Japanese want all property owners to return to their homes and register them, but Dr. Bernas will not return as he is a city official and does not want to work under the Japanese.