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October 27, 1942

Yesterday and today have been very quiet. We have heard the drone of planes, but did not see them as they were very far away. We also sighted Japanese ships from our hilltop hideout, plying between the island of Negros and our island (Panay).

It is raining very hard and I am glad of it as we depend on the rain for our drinking water. Our well is about 11⁄2 blocks downhill from the house. We have to hire a man to haul our water every time.

Estrella is not with me yet as she will not leave her house unless the Japanese forces penetrate the army lines. Rose is with me and the three boys, but Dolly is with Estrella and family. The monotony was too much for her – all we do is eat and sleep. We are up before sunrise and retire at 6:30 p.m. – sometimes it is not dark yet. I believe I will gain weight here, and I surely need it. I am 98 lbs. I am feeling so much better since we moved to this hilltop hideout.