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October 27, 1942

My San Lazaro Hospital malingering helped me escape that Mindanao assignment and in the process, my providential contact with my former PMA mentor Maj. Manuel P. Enriquez, ExO. 14t Inf. Guerillas of LCol. G. Nakar, made possible my new assignment in Bayombong, N. Vizcaya.  I look forward to going to my new post, specially what Maj. Enriquez has in store for me.  I plan to go to Bayombong alone leaving my family in Manila to adjust to my new environs but my problem is transportation.  It is a problem nationwide. There are no public transportation anywhere since the Japanese occupation.

Last night, a man visited me at home with a note of introduction from Maj. Enriquez saying that bearer, Pablo Naval, is his man from N. Vizcaya that may be of help.  With regards to transportation, Mr. Naval confirmed no public transportation but only private business traders using trucks are available going to Cagayan Valley.  And so today, Mr. Naval accompanied me to Azcarraga St. and helped me book with Mr. Go Beng, a chinese merchant leaving Manila Nov. 3 arriving Bayombong Nov. 4.  Mr. Naval also suggested that I check in Bayombong Hotel on my arrival there as he will make reservations for me when he returns by the end of the month.  Now that my transportation problem is solved, I started preparing for my journey to Cagayan Valley where the 14th Infantry is operating.  Before Mr. Naval departed I asked him if  it is possible I could meet Maj. Enriquez Nov. 4 or 5, or before I report to the Senior Inspector, BC in Bayombong who does not know my arrival date.