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November 9, 1944


We hear Roosevelt was re-elected – Electoral vote 400+ to 100+, popular vote 18 million to 16 million – From the total of the vote I assume that the soldiers took no part in the election – They will have plenty to say, however, when this is over –

We are keeping Dorita and Albert3 in bed except for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon – We find that they loose weight more slowly and that they are far calmer than the other children –

Morale is very low again – Poor food, no actions, many deaths – I hope the relief shipment comes –

Many internees, especially the older people, have swollen legs, very marked – This is due partially to beri-beri – But primarily to a protein deficiency, which resulting in a decreased protein content of the blood reduces its osmotic tension and the fluids accumulate in the tissues – we have some pitiful cases – But no supply of meats or fats for them – And sooner or later, they die –