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November 11, 1944

Nov. 11th

No action –

The Japanese today distributed to the garden workers 1 pkg tobacco, 1 cake soap, 2 boxes matches & 6 bananas per person – The other heavy workers in the camp feel that they have been unjustly overlooked – But I am glad that some people got tobacco – Perhaps our turn will come


later on – I have no sympathy for those who say they would not accept tobacco from the Japanese – They are envious – I will save my stand on principals something worth-while –

The old men continue to drop off like flies – one per day is average – And all the Japanese doctor says is “So sorry, many more will get Beri-beri.”

Bowing is in vogue again – The Japanese tell us we must bow as a sign of thanks for their protection – when I die, I want written on my coffin “Protected to the end” –