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November 16, 1944

Nov. 16th —

No action – I spent the day reading the Modern Library


edition of Freud – I realize the importance of this work, the possible benefits of psycho-analysis if directed by an expert – But the thought occurs to me – Why do we have so much repression in the Western world – Is it due to the notion of sin? to the centuries of clerical domination? Freud insists that sex – in its broadest aspect of course – is the basic factor, the determining element in our lives – If this is true, – and I must believe it is – then the reason is that for centuries we have not been leading natural lives – we have covered up – we have forced natural impulses into the depths of the subconscious and unconscious from where they manifest themselves in the various types of neuroses and psychoses.

Bertrand Russell realizes this and hence the importance in instinctive happiness and friendship in his characteristics of a happy community. He strikes at the root of the evil. I must say that I like Russell more each time I read him, although I can see the point that one critic makes when he says that Russell gets very angry


because certain things do not exist for him to attack.