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November 27, 1944

Nov 27th

In bed – fever – diarrhea – Sulfaguanidine – paregoric30 – utterly miserable – Slept nearly all day – Very dizzy & weak from the Sulfa drug –

Never have rumors been so great as today –

1) Jap admirals killed Nov. 25th when our planes bombed battleship & cruisers in Manila Bay

2) tokyo bombed by 7 waves of B-29’s (100 planes to the wave) – We lost 2 planes due to mechanical trouble

3) Berlin has fallen, Germany has surrendered.

4) We have taken Formosa –


5) We have landed in Panay –

6) The invasion of Luzon is imminent.

7) the comfort kits are on the pier.

Well, we have been under “air-alert” conditions since 10:00 AM today – The Americans have warned Filipinos on Luzon to prepare a 3 weeks stock of food and to stay at home when the invasion started – So, the attack on Luzon may well come at any time – I am looking forward to release by Xmas – On Nov 21st I wrote “In the next week we shall see great things. I never felt as hopeful before.” Tomorrow ends the week. – Air-alert off at 3:30 PM