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November 30, 1944

Last night about 8:15 three men were seen to crawl under Bldg. #13 by a corps man. Captain Wallace (OD), Captain Bruce and Nasr and myself, investigated and put guards on #13, held emergency tenko and Col Trapnell and Captain Wallace went under the Bldg. A civilian named Gray was missing on the count. Col Trapnell and Captain Wallace found a bucket and many duck feathers and duck heads under the Bldg. Six ducks from the Japanese duck pond have been missing the last two days.

Examination this morning forced a showdown with Gray and he admitted to taking three ducks on the 28th, and three more the 25th or 26th and “quaning” them an Wd #17. I admitted him to Wd #17 until disposition of
the case. The Japanese sentries permitted the search, and Mr. Kuboda came up last night, so I notified him this morning and am waiting for further instructions.

Conference with-Captain Nogi yesterday and he took up the “plan” which I had submitted as to how long the present supply of drugs would last the 761 patients at Bilibid, Cabanatuan and Ft McKinley. Also he wished to know total number of RC boxes necessary to box all medicines from all sources in Bilibid. This report is out this date.

Request for X’mas carols and mass preparatory to X’mas sent in today. 118 individual mosquito nets issued – 51 for wards, other “sabis”.

Had a staff meeting and party at 8:00 PM in honor of the day. Everyone well pleased with dinner. – lugao with corn, mongo beans stew, gabi and camote pudding flavored with eugenol.

Sgt Perkins and Pvt Laudin admitted from Ft Drum via Ft Mills with beri-beri and malnutrition.They report bay shows over 45 hulls but no active ships.

Working on duck case still. Monthly sanitary report is being framed.  Captain Brennon, SLQ, with dengue. Major Houghton and Lt Barrett, USN, to relieve him pro temp. on Wd #3. Late this afternoon called to Japanese office where S Sgt Sato stated that Lt Oyogi(QM) wanted 25 khaki shirts, 25 pistol belts, and 20 field caps immediately. After some dickering, he gave me 20 short sleeved P.A. shirts for bargaining and promised rice or
tobacco or other produce soon. All was procured by 6:00 PM. Had a talk in quarters in the evening by a Captain telling of all the gifts, citations. etc. which we are suppose to receive.