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Thanksgiving Day — November 30, 1944

This morning at the breakfast table we gave thanks to God for all His blessings. Coné did not go to Iloilo, as his bike was flat. Bicycles now cost 8,000 Pesos. John served an early lunch (before noon) as at noon there usually is always some excitement. Our Thanksgiving luncheon consisted of roast chicken, “dagmay” (a native tuber which takes the place of potatoes), canned corn, rice, “iba” (a small, very sour fruit made into pickles). For desert, we had “guinat-an” (a dish made from coconut milk, sugar and bananas). While we were eating a Japanese plane flew overhead very low. We did not pay much attention to it, until Puding, the maid, said that there were nine American planes following it. We immediately left the table and by that time the American planes were already in their dive over our house, aiming for the air field. There was no shooting, and the planes flew off. We noticed another fire in the same direction as yesterday, and the planes flew over it to investigate and flew away. After the excitement was over, we continued our lunch, then I took a siesta. At 3:30 we had tea, played bridge, and Meñing and I came out the winners.

We had supper at 6:00 without any interruption, but at 7:00 there was another fire and we heard some shooting.