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December 2, 1944

[New page, unnumbered (2)]

Dec. 2nd –Fluoroscopy this A.M. No indication of spots or lesions. – My blood pressure is only 90/70 – The doctors have ordered me to bed, up only for meals – At night I play a rubber or so of bridge with my friends in the broadcasting room – And so to bed –

No news today – No action.

I have decided to read Shakespeares’s plays and along with them Gustav Landauer’s excellent analyses. Landauer’s 2 vol. “Shakespeare” should be translated into English – Some day, I intend to make this translation, if one does not exist already.


Today I read “Hamlet” – I can understand why critics cannot agree on his character – Now I shall read Landauer, and then re-read the tragedy – Perhaps both three or four times – The conflicts go far below the surface of the play, and it seems to me that at times character development goes far beyond the play development.

For the last few days I have felt as if I were in a vacuum, around which whirled vast storms and battles – How I wish the storm would break over our heads, that the clouds would burst and the hail fall – The tension is wearing us all out –

When shall we all meet again – And when shall there be peace and relief from the horrors of this slaughter?