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December 4, 1944

Spent the entire morning working on sanitary report. Mess report reveals daily calorie intake for November averaged 1292 calories per man. The few on special diets receive about 600 calories, daily in addition.

Ph.M 2/c Dunn was caught forging 200 sulfathiazole tablets on Wd #10 requisition after it was signed by the Wd Surgeon. He will be relieved of duty, transferred to Bldg. #13 and deprived of tobacco on next issue.

Death this morning at 7:10 of Cpl. Joseph L. Wilson, 60 CA, cause -_probably beriberi heart -autopsy did not reveal any definite pathology. By Japanese order from now on, funeral services will be held in Bilibid and the chaplain will not be allowed to go out to the cemetery.

Request for X-ray Rx at Phil. Gen. Hosp. for T/Sgt Welles. USMC, (Carc. of lip with metastasea) refused.

Death this afternoon of Pvt Leo Andy Manuelito 515 CA. Diag. carc. of the rectum. Autopsy revealed confirmation of above with direct extension to the prostate and hydraps of the left kidney due to pressure on the ureter, but no metastases.