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December 4, 1944


Dec 4th – No action – very persistent rumors again about relief supplies – It is reported that we are to receive one large American kit and one small Canadian kit, dried fruits, Commander cigarettes, powdered egg, etc. etc – All this may be wishful thinking, but I hope there is more to these reports than a desire for more food –

Still in bed – We had almost 20 deaths last month – In December, it will be 40- 50 and, if the present diet is not increased, over 100 in January – So say our doctors –

The Japs ordered all lights out at 10:00 P.M. this evening – Everyone thought that there was an air-raid – even the beginning of invasion – But it was only Lt. Takeda drunk again & showing off.

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The Japanese in charge of us, Lt Shiragi, Lt Kamatsu, Lt Takeda, Lt. Abiko must have been picked from the very scum of the Army – Ill mannered, boorish, cruel – disgusting in speech and appearance –

It is reliably reported that a few days ago. Shiragi & Kamatsu refused to allow into camp a truck which was loaded with beans, eggs. milk, fruit for the children & the sick -The supplies had been purchased by neutrals outside – It cost the Japanese nothing – this is sheer cruelty and meanness – They intend to starve us – If this goes on, they’ll succeed -No matter how strong the spirit, the body is becoming weaker all the time –