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December 7, 1944

Death this morning of Lee H. Shipman, Pvt 803rd Engr. – cause -beri-beri and malnutrition with bacillary dysentery – acute – confirmed by autopsy. (NB, this patient had been cooking and eating grass).

Japanese guards stopped three separate talks today. I think this was due to Americans who were not content with “bull sessions” and insisted on “speeches”. Mr. Kuboda censored the notes on a couple of them. I have not talked to him, and so have no idea what the reaction is.

Conference with Mr. Kuboda and talked over letter that I turned in regarding exchange of equipment and supplies with Camp #1 (Cabanatuan). I requested surgical instruments, liq. pet., a rice grinder, six large cuales, half soles far shoes and books.

The headaches are innumerable. – people urinating out of the windows of Wd #14 and Bldg #l3; straffing the Japanese garbage at their guard house and in the court thru the sally part; straffing the hog’s food (our garhage) constantly dealing with the Taiwans; stealing cigarettes, tobacco, shirts, rings, watches, pens, etc. and then selling to the Taiwans for quan; sending fool letters thru me, to the Japanese requesting tobacco, extra food, transfer to Santo Tomas, etc., etc. ad nauseum.