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December 7, 1944

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Dec. 7th – Dorita’s birthday – Blackout restrictions made even more stringent – The Japs seem to be expecting something – To-morrow is the 3rd Anniversary of Pearl Harbor – We are hoping –

Today the Japanese told us that they were taking 2/3 of the second floor of the Education Bldg. – Now, we know why the 150 were sent to Los Baños. The Gym must be converted into a hospital for old men. Literally hundreds are becoming so weak that they need special care – Sta. Catalina’s Men’s ward is a room for the dyingThe depressing effect of


The sulfa-drugs has worn off, and mentally, I feel much better. Physically, I am still very weak and just holding my weight at 103 – But when I see how badly others have fallen off, my 103 pounds seem heavy –

The internees at Los Baños are as badly off as we are. Only 2 meals a day, their gardens taken away from them – all sorts of restrictions – Lt. Konishi, who was so cruel here, is now in Los Baños.

We must help each other to hang on to life – That is what it has come to – and the Japs call themselves civilized!