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March 30, 1970 Monday


11:55 PM

March 30. 1970

Returned to Manila at 8:15 AM.

Worked on the retirement on April 1st of all generals including Task Force Lawin Commander Saballones, who will be replaced by Col. Jasmin, his deputy to be Lt. Col. Tomas Diaz, Gen. Sangalang of the 2nd PC Zone who will be replaced by Col. Zosimo Paredes, his deputy, Gen. Benjamin Reyes of the 3rd PC Zone who shall be replaced by Col. Dumlao, C-2 presently, Gen. Oanes of the 4th PC Zone who shall be replaced by Col. Avila. Col. Tutaan, C-1 presently will become the Deputy Chief of Constabulary.

All the officers of PMA Class ’44 and ’45 are retired except those who need nine days to attain their fifth fogey pay who are extended nine days to April 10th. This includes Commodore Cabal, CG of Sowescom and his deputy, Col. Irlanda.

Got the senate moving on the export tax. It seems they want to classify exports into processed, semi-processed and not processed on the basis of the UN classification on the basis of 12%, 10% and 4%. We hold a caucus tomorrow.

Met with ASAC and kept it under my office. San Salientes and Gen. Balao as well as Com. Sychongco.

Ordered Sec. Syquio and Dir. Decena to finish the plans for the Manila Bay Road.

Met with VP Lopez, Maceda, Mapa and later Cruz as well as Bung Tanco to organize the Price Control Council with the VP as Chairman. Maceda as Vice Chairman and the Department of Commerce and Industry furnishing the secretariat.

I am most interested in organizing cooperatives in every town to tie up with the APC, ACA and the PACD – as well as the consumers’ cooperatives and the GMFTM. This will answer the problem of prices and the middlemen.