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March 29, 1970 Sunday


Also at 12:10 AM

March 29, 1970

Quiet comparatively.

Easter Sunday hunt for the children at the bowl and pergola. Irene and Imee got the big eggs worth P50. The bunnies are worth P15 and the eggs P2.00. There were at least twenty five children of all types of friends.

Imee and Irene left with some of the children for Manila after the mass as they have a lot of homework to do although there are no classes tomorrow.

Lunch with the other half of the 5th Fighter Wing jet fighter pilots.

Then a nap from 2-3 PM although I could not sleep well and golf from 3 to 6 – 18 holes.

The Manila Chronicle has come out this Sunday with a vicious front page editorial on Martial Law which included a cartoon of the country tied up captive with all the rats representing the ills of the country and the sword of Damocles Martial Law over his head.

It sounded like an Ernie Granada or IP Soliongco editorial. They must be agitated by the fear of arrest if I suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.