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June 3, 1972

10:30 PM

June 3, 1972

Makati Medical Center

We brought Imelda to the hospital at 7:00 AM. She went direct to the operating room. Dra. Quintin Gomez and Dr. Paciencia (not readable) (not readable) anasthesized her by 7:40 AM when Dras. Aragon and Isidro started the D & C ( Dilatation and curettage ) the several of the remnants of the aborted fetus from the uterus. They were through with the operation by 8:00 AM. And she woke up at 8:30 AM.

A medical bulletin was issued at 12:00 AM. I attach a copy.

We scarcely slept last night.

Studied the evidence and dictated an outline for trial and cross examination to Kits Tatad.

Pres. Villatuya came to show the (not readable) of the P100,000 time deposit of Quintero as of January 1972. But it was his quantity of about P96,000.

Comm. Vera came to show his income tax returns showing Quintero had been cheating on his taxes, (not readable) his income and assets.

Met the media in a TV interview at 8:00 PM. I admitted I was bitter because I had lost a child and this was due to our sick society which I would try to reform within the short time that I had.

I hope the public does not give all (not readable) of meanings to this statement.

But I am bitter and angry!