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July 12, 1972 Wednesday

9:15 PM

July 12, 1972

Malacañan Palace


1st MIG and Gen. Paranis report that witnesses now in the custody of the military testify to the fact that it took two days for them (some were forced to act as cargadores) (not readable) the Karagatan; the estimated number of firearms – 3,500, the ammo filled up a room 7×7 meters; the crew of vessel included two Chinese.
I have sent the media personnel to Palanan to cover the operations.
Confirmed casualties of government troops three non-con’s and one enlisted man.
Enemy strength estimated at 400.
Our troops are pressing them from all sides. But the NPA’s seem to be tenaciously cling to their entrenched position contrary to the guerilla role of never holding ground. They have bombards from the air and the sea again.
It is my feeling that they are waiting for their recruits to come in and carry out firearms and ammo. The 300 men sighted coming from the direction of Ilagan crossing the high mountains may be such cargadores they are waiting for.
I have ordered mortars to be employed. The witnesses also refer to a case where the NPA’s may be conceded with their supplies I have ordered a search for the case.

And to block all routes of withdrawal. The personalities caught in the pocket are many and high ranking.

I attach all reports on the Palanan operations.

Declared the whole island of Luzon as a disaster area as all the national highways are under water and the report of damage from Typhoon Konsing, Edong and now Gloring keep pouring in.

The reactions teams of the Department of Public Works have to keep transportation and communications moving.

I have prepared at P250 million Calamity bill for Congress which I will take up with the leaders in a luncheon conference tomorrow.

Imee arrived from London at 10:15 PM, more than three hours delayed. Foreign Minister Malik of Indonesia and Pate Sarasin from Thailand arrived in the same plan for the Asean Foreign Minister’s Conference.\