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July 13, 1972 Thursday

11:20 PM

July 13, 1972



Malacañan Palace


I directed more troops into Diguyo (not readable) the estimate of the enemy strength is 500 men 100 NE Diguyo under Condr Devcio (Victor Corpus) another 100 N Diguyo and 300 coming from direction of Ilagan. So at equivalent strength government troops should be 500. At the anti-guerilla ratio of government troops to guerillas of 4-1, the government should be 2,000 at least. I attach copy of order.

Two senators (Perez and Aquino) visited the Diguyo creek. I attach the reports on the visit.

I also attach situation reports from Gen. Espinio and Capt Dalipe, liason officer of PSU at Palanan.

The movement is still slow and coordination very sloppy. Lt. de Leon of the Tangers is still at the shoreline and has not linked up with Lt. Santos who is being resupplied by helicopter and has no radio contact with ACP. And there is no diesel fuel for the tugboats used as transportation of the troops from Didadongan to Diguyo. Some of the company of (not readable) from the (not readable) (not readable) are still in Vigan and Tuguegarao. Only one helicopter is available to airlift the troops to Diguyo.

Planning and reaction slow and weak.

I also attach two reports assessing the documents captured by TF Saranay in Bo Taringsing, Cordon, Isabela containing the NPA Regional Plan of Action for 1972.

It suggests more troops for TF Saranay and possible Martial Law.

Luncheon Conference on Calamity Legislation and the entire legislative program with the legislative leaders.