July 14, 1972

BOX # 12
F. 36


PAGE 2192
July 14, 1972

Malacañan Palace


In the Palanan – Diguyo operations, the troops have taken the second camp where more guns (abort 476 M-14, 503 boxes of ammo. 76.2 with 300 rds per box, 18 boxes of ammo magazines for M-14 at 50 per box, 1 rocket launcher, 94 boxes of rocker launcher ammo at 6 rds per box, 2 BAR’s and 5 Grand rifles.
I attach all reports.
Kuomintang Sec. Gen with Jose Roy
Gen. Camacho of Guam
Sen. Benitez
Sec. Melchor
Com. Aquino
Speaker Aldeguer
ECG by Dits Zagala

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