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August 22, 1972 Tuesday

9:00 PM

Aug. 22, 1972


Malacañan Palace


I have directed the Se. of Justice with the Solicitor General to analize the Supreme Court decision on Parity and ownership of public and private agricultural land. To stop speculations and possible misunderstanding I wrote the Secretary the guidelines that his recommendations be submitted to the cabinet meeting set for next Thursday, the 24th, be based on:

  1. Present harassment by confiscation of property without just compensation.
  2. Stop harassment and persuation of misinterpretation of the decision
  3. Prevent any anomalies like extortion arising out of alleged enforcement of the decision

And to reassured both administrative and legislative action.

I attach copy of the handwritten order.

The business community is in a state of ferment and clearly agitated by the possibility of American capital pulling out. I do not believe it will. Now that the rules of the game are clear, there will be less uncertainty.

It is obvious, The Manila Times is trying to build up Sen. Jose Diokno as a presidential candidate. The Times Today estimated the 3,000 Plaza Miranda crowd on the Aug. 21st Plaza Miranda rally as 15,000, as usual bloating the figures for a purpose.

And the cry was against the increasing militarization under the Marcos administration.

Not much impact. The citizenry despite being asked their rally but did not give it much more attention.

I enclose the newspapers of today – Envelope No. XXXIV – J.

The Senate, as usual, is moving at a small pace and has not approved a single tax measure.