August 29, 1972, Tuesday

PAGE 2275
Aug. 29th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


Speaker Villareal.

Mel Mathay on Baby [not readable] properties.

The Constitutional Convention through Dr. [not readable] de Vega and Dulce.

Approved the NBI recommended partial list of the 17th year schedule after studies by Gov. Balao and Chairman Mangaser. Asked Gov. Ramos to change Gov. Navarro with Gen. Paranas as [not readable] PC Zone Co., Romy [not readable], Rizal Provincial Commander, Col. [not readable] in [not readable] Task Force Commander.

Change Gen. Encarnacion as IV PC Zone Co., and place a Task Force Commander for Task Force Pagkakaisa.
Issued the directive to Mayor [not readable] to go ahead and remove the permanent [not readable] [not readable] [not readable] the esteros.

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