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November 26, 1972 Sunday*

*After several days of misaligned dates and days, the two are properly aligned as of this entry

(Office of the President of the Philippines)

11:45 PM

Nov. 26, 1972

Reminded Gov. Licaros of the sugar quedans that have bounced as the sugar was not in the warehouse – specially Bueno’s PASUMIL.

And for him to obtain the list of the big withdrawals during the run in the private banks. This will be used for the investigations on undeclared income.

After mass at 1:00 PM, lunch at the Big Antique. I researched for my book on the chapter on “Constitutional Dictatorship” to “Constitutional Authoritarianism”.

Rossitiers book on Constitutional Dictatorship is interesting.

The cases of the Roman Republic, Germany, France and Lincoln of America are discussed.

Met Benny Toda of PAL on the problems of Rationalization of the airlines, the US-PI air agreement and the need for PAL to go public.

Then met Bueno and Eng. Agonias. Told Bueno to attend to his bouncing quedans.

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