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1 January 1973

The New Year has brought about an entirely new way of life to the Filipino people. What are the salient features of what FM proudly proclaims as the “New Society?”

Never in the country’s history has there been so many decent Filipinos in confinement and behind bars. Politicians, newsmen, teachers, students, civic leaders, writers, priests, businessmen, and others whose crime was to reveal the truth and expose the rottenness and stink of this decaying society.

Never in our history has there been so many fugitives being hunted by the PC and AFP intelligence and special units all over the country. They have become fugitives because they dared express their convictions (a crime under the New Society!) at the risk of their lives. I can name some of them – Doc Prudente, Doc Simbulan, Tony Zumel, Pete Daroy, Satur Ocampo, and of course the young activists like Julius Fortuna, Eric Baculinao, Chito Sta. Romana, Temy Rivera, Oying Javate, Cris Aranda, Orly Mercado, and many others. These are the people who leave an indelible mark in a nation’s history.