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[1-31 May 1521]

We sailed from Subu, and went S.W. till 9¾° between the head of Subu and an island called Bohol; and on the W. side of the head of Subu there is another, which is named Panilongo [Kabankalan], and it belongs to black men; and this island and Subu contain much gold and much ginger, and it is in 9⅓°, and Subu in 10⅓°; and so we came out of the channel, and came ten leagues to the S., and anchored off the island of Bohol, and there of the three ships we made two, and burned the other, not having crews enough; and this island is in 9½°.

We sailed from Bohol to Quipit [Mindanao] to the S.W., and came to anchor at the same anchorage to the right of a river; and in the offing to the N.W. part there are two islets, which are in 8½°, and there we could not get provisions, for there were none, but we made peace with them; and this island of Quipit has much gold, ginger, and cinnamon, and so we decided on going to seek provisions; and from this head of Quipit to the first islands there will be a course of 112 leagues; it lies with them E.W.¼N.E. S.W., and this island lies due East and West.