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24 May 1792

On the 24th, these observation trips finished, I sailed again for Mauban but the lovely forests that appeared before me a little after obliged me to hope for an abundant collection, and I resolved to go through two leagues of them. Hardly had I penetrated the first hills when I came upon young Negritos of the mountain armed with spear and arrows. (crossed out word) they came near me repeating among various words in their tongue the word Señor. I gave each one a real, with which they withdrew satisfied, assuring me through the interpreter that they were bound for the fort of Sta. Cruz to defend it against the Moros. Half a league from this place, I found afterwards some of their huts with no one around. Close by the huts was a half-finished canoe that appeared to me wrought with greater skill and fineness than their limited knowledge was capable of. While [admiring] it, three armed dark Igorots came out from the bush a musket shot away followed by seven persons with moderately large ears. When they stopped, I asked them where they came from. They responded they came from the hunt of wild boar and deer which were very plentiful in these mountains. At my arrival in the fort, its castellan assured me that the Negritos present themselves without fail for the defense (illegible word)….