23 May 1792*

On the (?)* I made my way to Mauban always by boat. The next day I went to Apag, a small pueblo of 26 tributes at the farther end of a small bay protected by a small fort. It has a pleasant countryside almost entirely covered with coconut groves. There are some fields sown with rice and camote, and European figs are cultivated that bear fruit twice or thrice a year. The natives gather some balatan (crossed out word) in small quantity, and the Negritos of the mountain bring to them some honey and sufficient wax which they barter for tobacco and camote. The coasts, which mangrove swamps cover everywhere, teem with fish and shellfish.

*Philippine Diary Project Note: The source material, p. 197, has no specific date; but contextually, it exists between the 22nd and 24th of May entries; for that reason, logically, the date 23rd of May has been provided.

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