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Wednesday, May 17th, 1899

Cavite, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Hot, cloudy weather. Slight shower in Manila.

Up early. Ready a psalm, prayed and hastened away without cooking breakfast. A banana or two, cup of lemonade & punched peanuts took the edge off my appetite. Paid 20 cent at the Cavite ferry landing on the Pasig & boarded the boat. At 7.30 a.m. the same backed into the stream and we dropped down the Pasig into Manila bay. We passed part of the 23d U.S. Inf. on casco, being towed by a tug out to a steamer. The flag of rebellion has been raised on the Sulu islands. The 23d are under orders for Jolo and ?.

When I arrived in Cavite about 8.30.a.m struck out for the Naval hospital in the Arsenal. Was disappointed. Bro. Eletson had been removed to the “Olympia” on or two days since the steward or head nurse as the case may be scouted the idea of Eletson having beri-beri. Said he is troubled with malaria. Spoke to several men (patients) about salvation & left a War Cry. Turned to go back to town. Dealt personally with 2 Sailors about Christ & eternal life. One, Edmund Henninger of the cruise “Charleston” claimed to be a New York Salvationist. Is hardly more than a boy. Advised another boy, (backslider) with him to return to Christ. These & other seamen were pushing a push car loaded with ship stones. The sweat streamed down their faces. Gave Henninger a New York War Cry & bade him adieu. Passed on to Fort San Felipe. The sentinel at the sally-port permitted me to enter. Entered K company’s quarter, 10th Pennsylvania, to have a spiritual talk with Private Jas. Hillman, a backslider. On my way to the Naval Hospital met him on the drill ground in front of the fort & tackled him about his soul. Called at his quarters to follow up the first attack by appointment but he was absent. Left a War Cry on his bunk. Sat down on a chest & with an audience of 3 Pennsylvanians, as usual availed myself of an opportunity to advertise the saving power of Christ.

Crossed over to the Ice Factory to see Chief Engineer Miller. The plant was undergoing repair. Got in a few words with Miller (who was busy) about the state of his soul & the prospects for meetings. Replied that Glunz & Jackson are trying to put up a tent in the town for services.

Passed on up Calle Arsenal & at the General Hospital out the sidewalk unexpectedly ran upon Bro. Andrew J. Smith who is now in charge of a ward. Told me Bro. Verweibe intended going over to Manila on the 2 p.m. Gov’t ferry. I climbed the stairs & after waiting a few minutes shook hands with him back in the bakeshop. Inquired after the state of his soul. We arranged to cross to Manila on the Gov’t ferry providing they would pass me; if not I would come later on the 4 p.m. citizen’s ferry. Verweibe said he expected to remain over night in Manila. Invited him to stay with me.

My next move was to the guard house just outside the San Roque gate, where the American sentries are stationed. A conversation with the troops followed – got in a few words for the Lord.

Returned to town & on Calle Real stopped at the “International” restaurant. Kept by a Spaniard or one who looks like a Spaniard & talks Castellana. Paid 50 cts Mex for a poor dinner. After eating called at the 10th Penn. Regimental Headquarters & asked a lieutenant who was adjutant acting for Lt.-Col. Jas E. Barnett for a pass to Manila on the Gov’t ferry. “Certainly” said he. One was issued immediately. Thanked him. Going down stairs to the street door, urged the sentry there, a backslider Baptist, to return to Jesus.

Back to the arsenal again. While waiting for the the ferry boat to leave, more salvation talk with men there, making 12 or 15 dealt with personally about their souls during the day in Cavite & Manila. The Lord directs my labor, to His name be glory for all the good accomplished.

Bro. Verweibe came down. The sailor at the gang-plank let me go aboard without looking at my pass. Verweibe for some reason unknown to me did not come aboard. I felt sorry for this. I left Cavite 2 p.m. & arrived in Manila shortly after 3. Immediately walked up to the post office. Rec’d an “American” daily. On the street purchased from a Filipino some land & sea shells for my collection.

At home rested myself a little & read the newspapers. Private Perkins of the 3d Heavy artillery called to bid me good-bye. Will proceed to the front tomorrow morning. Says every available soldier is being sent out of barrack & hospital to the scene of action. Bade Perkins adieu & sent my love to the artillery boys. The perverseness & stupidity of the Filipino leaders is forcing a stern alternative upon the American army to kill as many as possible. The daily American now publishes news which dashes the fond hopes of the volunteers. They may have to remain 6 months longer instead of returning home immediately.

When Perkins departed I turned to and cooked supper.

Everything is quiet tonight. To my God be praise & glory. Amen.