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April 27, 1942

Monday Ft. Hughes

Boy, ain’t that something, The 20th week completed and here we are with no news and no improvement. By way of celebration we had a “test alert” at 0500 this morning. It is the first full scale “General Quarters” that Ft. Hughes has had since the war started. That is incredible, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have believed it but it’s the first time they’ve had anywhere enough men, I don’t like being aroused suddenly at 5 a.m but I’m glad they have things well enough organized for a test. Before I say anymore—may I wish you, Steve, a happy birthday? And I hope you’re better off than I am. I think our family is well represented in this mess — at least the thick of it. The remainder of the day was quiet although the Japs peppered Ft. Mills with bombs and shells. They seemed to be concentrating on Malinta Hill with their evening shelling. By the grace of God and a little good fortune the black pan was caught by one of the minesweeps last night and returned. Yamashito has one more day on his threat to take the forts. I wonder. At the same time President Roosevelt says the men on the fortified islands will be home by next Christmas. To me, that’s one helluva way off with plenty of bombings and shellings between now and then.